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Power TV, the new family member of Toshiba REGZA LCD TV, is power-packed with practical features in an elegantly crafted slim exterior. The Power TV comes in 3 series – Power Booster, Power Saver, and Power Charger. These entire 3 series share Toshiba's proprietary Power Meta Brain video engine featuring 10-bit video processing, as well as a host of excellent TV features. Nonetheless, each series possesses strong individual characteristics.

Power Booster series (PB10/PB1) features power boosting functions both in video and audio quality.
Power Saver series (PS10/PS1) features power saving functions that enriches your eco-friendly lifestyle.
Power Charger series (PC1) features the world's first 24" LED LCD TV with battery operation.*

In addition, the PB10 and PS10 both posses USB Movie playback feature, opening up a fantastic range of video formats for you to choose from!

No frills, no gimmicks. All features being incorporated in the Power TV series are carefully selected to meet your needs of an ideal TV.

Make your choice to upgrade your life with Power TV.

Power Booster Series Power Saver Series Power Charger Series

* As of November 29, 2010, Source: Toshiba Corporation
* Specifications may vary according to models